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January 2019 Post




It is with great pleasure that we post the first blog for The Duncan Charitable Trust, so that you can see what we have been up to over the past 12 months. 

The trust has been active in three areas, summarised below. 

1. Outward Bound NZ Ltd

There have been 6 scholarship recipients complete their OB courses over the 2018 calendar year. All recipients have raved about their experiences, and here are some of the comments we have received.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to go on the Outward bound 5 day Leadership course. It was an absolutely amazing course guided by 2 fantastic instructors Darren and Emma and an inspiring facilitator Grieg. I went on this course expecting and looking forward to being tested physically and mentally and it really pulled through.Again thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. My parting thoughts when leaving Outward Bound were "onwards and upwards" and that is how I am trying to live now. Danielle, Sep 18.

I would like to thank you for gifting me a scholarship to attend outward bound the last 21 days have been so insightful and life changing , I went to outward bound wanting to have a great time make friends, develop my leadership skills and other strengths , it has been all this and so much more , from day one they push you not only physically but also mentally forcing you to put your complete trust in a group of strangers who grew to be close family by the end of the course , outward bound let me try new activities such as kayaking and sailing which at home I wouldn’t get to do , it also pushed me physically with lots of exercise and a half marathon which I was super proud to get under two hours but also mentally with things like rock climbing and high ropes which I found hard not being a fan of heights . It also opened my eyes to how privileged I am and not to take small things like hot water or music for granted as well as giving new perceptions on how delicate our natural environment is and the small easy steps we can all take to help reduce waste and take better care of the place we call home. Once again I would like to thank you for all your support which without I wouldn’t of been able to attend outward bound, It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that has changed my life and also given me some amazing friends from all over the country and will be something I will never forget. Martin, Dec 2018.

Outward Bound has been a phenomenal journey and I can confidently say it has been life changing. There were tough moments where in a different mindset I would have stopped, taken a break, or given up. Now my challenge is taking everything I have learnt, and applying it into my life. Taking my new found beliefs in myself and new found abilities into study and training. Taking my new found desire to serve the community into volunteering. Thank you so much for helping me to get where I am and I have huge admiration for your organisation to support youth. Alysha, Dec 18.


After discussion with OB and looking at the various programmes available, DCT has now committed to supporting the OB Aim Hi programme, which offers a 21 day course to year 12 students from low decile schools. DCT will support 4 students to attend this programme in May 2019.

2. Arusha Childrens Effort

ACE, in its 9th year of operation, saw multiple student graduations across the academic spectrum, and was able to provide essential support to over 60 students currently in the ACE education programme. You can access the latest ACE news here  and the ACE website here.


3. Donations and Sponsorships.

DCT has made several donations to a variety of charitable causes, including the NZ Police Guild, and the Rotorua Charity Event for disabled children.

A sponsorship has also been granted to a promising young woman from Auckland who has been selected to work as an Intern for UN OCHA in Switzerland, 2019. Summarised below are the details of the Internship

Function of UN OCHA: 

  • Organising humanitarian responses to various emergencies around the world.

Description of Internship:

  • Working with the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team, alongside the Global Lead for emergency responses and other colleagues in the Emergency Response Support Branch. Primarily involved with disaster assessment work, and assisting with the organisation of the Humanitarian Networks & Partnerships Week in February. I will also be a part of various response missions deployed from Geneva throughout the year

Benefit of Internship:

  • The purpose of the UN internship programme is twofold: to provide a framework for students to gain exposure to the UN through assignments to offices in order to enhance their educational experience and gain experience in the work of the UN; and to provide UN offices with the assistance of qualified students specialised in various fields. A mutually beneficial experience, the internship will enable me to assist vulnerable communities while also gaining invaluable experience and skills which I can take forward into my future endeavours.

The Duncan Charitable Trust is honoured to be able to help all the promising youth who have been granted scholarships and sponsorships, and we look forward very much to following the progress of these young people as they move forward into the workplace and their communities.


January 2019.